Capital structure

Holcim has one uniform type of registered share in order to comply with international capital market requirements in terms of an open, transparent and modern capital structure and to enhance attractiveness, particularly for institutional investors.

Share capital

The share capital is divided into 327,086,376 registered shares of CHF 2 nominal value each. As at December 31, 2014, the nominal, fully paid-in share capital of Holcim Ltd amounted to CHF 654,172,752.

Conditional share capital

The share capital may be raised by a nominal amount of CHF 2,844,700 through the issuance of a maximum of 1,422,350 fully paid-in registered shares, each with a par value of CHF 2 (as per December 31, 2014). The conditional capital may be used for exercising convertible and/or option rights relating to bonds or similar debt instruments of the company or one of its Group companies. The subscription rights of the shareholders shall be excluded. The current owners of conversion rights and/or warrants shall be entitled to subscribe for the new shares. The acquisition of shares through the exercise of conversion rights and/or warrants and each subsequent transfer of the shares shall be subject to the restrictions set out in the Articles of Incorporation. As per December 31, 2014, no bonds or similar debt instruments of the company or one of its Group companies were outstanding that would give rise to conversion rights related to the conditional capital; therefore, in the year under review, no conversion rights have been exercised. Further information on conversion rights and/or warrants and applicable conditions may be found in the Articles of Incorporation of Holcim Ltd at

Authorized share capital/Certificates of participation

As per December 31, 2014, neither authorized share capital nor certificates of participation were outstanding.

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