Information policy

Holcim Ltd reports to shareholders, the capital market, employees and the public at large in a transparent and timely manner concerning its corporate performance, including achievement of its sustainability targets. An open dialog is nurtured with the most important stakeholders, based on mutual respect and trust. This promotes knowledge of the company and understanding of objectives, strategy and business activities of the company.

As a listed company, Holcim Ltd is under an obligation to disclose facts that may materially affect the share price (ad-hoc disclosure, Art. 53 and 54 of the SIX listing rules). Holcim Ltd is subject to the SIX rules on the disclosure of management transactions made by the members of the Board of Directors and senior management. These can be accessed on the SIX website (

The most important information tools are the annual and quarterly reports, the website (, media releases, press conferences, meetings for financial analysts and investors as well as the Annual General Meeting.

The commitment to sustainability is described under Environmental commitment and social responsibility of this Annual Report. Current information relating to sustainable development is available at In 2015, Holcim Ltd will publish its eighth sustainability report. A full sustainability report is now published every year.

The financial reporting calendar is shown under Other information and in the Imprint of this Annual Report.

Should there be any specific queries regarding Holcim, please contact:

Corporate Communications, Markus Jaggi
Phone +41 58 858 87 10, Fax +41 58 858 87 19

Investor Relations, Michel Gerber
Phone +41 58 858 87 87, Fax +41 58 858 80 09