Environmental commitment and social responsibility

Creating value for all stakeholders in a sustainable manner requires balancing economic value creation with environmental and social responsibility. Holcim has been continuously recognized for its efforts in this.

Holcim – Supplier of sustainability-enhanced solutions

Aligned with Holcim’s vision “to provide foundations for society’s future” in 2014 the Group developed its revised sustainability strategy, the Holcim Sustainable Development Ambition 2030, with the aim to significantly increase the interest in and uptake of its innovative range of sustainability-enhancing solutions.

Holcim aspires to generate one third of its revenue from a portfolio of sustainability-enhanced products and services by 2030.

The sustainability benefits of these solutions are proven. The solutions are defined as offering superior environmental and social performance in the manufacturing phase and/or in the use and disposal phases of buildings and other infrastructure, exceeding current standards.

The Sustainable Development Ambition 2030 has a number of aspirations and intermediate targets to help Holcim address three focus areas: Climate, Resources, and Communities.