In Holcim’s view, alongside occupational health and safety, the following areas are also of vital importance for the Group companies and as such are also reflected in the goals of the Holcim Leadership Journey:

Customer excellence stands for creating more value for the customer and higher and sustainable returns for the company. The goal is to be the most customer-focused company with highest customer loyalty in the industry. Activities must center on creating value for and in cooperation with customers. This must be reflected in the range of products and services offered and in the company’s communication and engagement with customers. Innovations should respond to changing and new expectations.

Cost leadership is to continuously and creatively strive for cost savings and efficiency gains on all levels of the organization in order to achieve a highly competitive position in the relevant markets. Targets are defined for each area of the business. Cost management means using the Group’s resources in the most efficient way while leveraging the Group’s global size to gain a competitive edge. Hence, corporate functional units and regional service centers support individual Group companies in achieving their targets.

Leadership encompasses the development of leaders as an institutionalized practice. Holcim aspires to be an employer that can attract, motivate, and retain top leaders and talents. Leadership is to cultivate an accountable leadership attitude on all levels of the organization as a way of life. Hence, all employees are provided with opportunities for systematic development and training. Leaders must demonstrate and be role models for the Holcim values, Code of Business Conduct, and compliance requirements.

Sustainable development is a key strategic element, as Holcim’s dependence on natural resources and its long-term planning horizons make sustainable management a strategic necessity for the company. This is why Holcim regards environmental performance and social responsibility as integral components of its strategy.

Holcim’s corporate culture is practiced on a Group-wide basis and can be summed up in the values “Strength. Performance. Passion.”. In order to bring these values to life, Holcim focuses on six behaviors. These principles represent what the Group stands for: integrity, customer excellence, collaboration, drive for results, develop yourself and others, change/inspirational leadership.