Organization and management

New Chairman of the Board and streamlined regional responsibilities for Executive Committee members

Efficient management and control

Holcim’s corporate governance policy was developed to ensure transparent and sustainable value creation by clearly delineating responsibilities, management processes and organization, performance monitoring, and decisions on policy principles and controls.

The Group’s credibility and reputation rely on the confidence of investors, regulators, business partners, the public at large, and the employees as well. Holcim is therefore adapting its corporate governance policy where necessary. The guiding principles of Holcim’s corporate governance are described under Corporate Governance.

In 2014 a number of changes took place at the Board level:

Wolfgang Reitzle was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Holcim Ltd at the annual general meeting. He joined the Board in 2012. Rolf Soiron did not stand for reelection after being Chairman for the past 11 years and a member of the Board of Directors for 20 years.

Jürg Oleas was elected to the Board of Directors. He is the CEO of GEA Group AG, a Dusseldorf-based mechanical engineering company listed on Germany’s MDAX stock index.

In line with the Ordinance against Excessive Compensation in Public Corporations (OaEC), each member of the Board of Directors and the members of the Nomination & Compensation Committee proposed by the Board of Directors were reelected individually by the shareholders for a term of office of one year. Erich Hunziker and Andreas von Planta did not stand for reelection.

During 2014 Holcim also announced a number of changes in the Group’s Senior Management:

Urs Bleisch, previously Corporate Functional Manager and member of Senior Management of Holcim Ltd, became member of the Holcim Executive Committee, keeping his responsibilities for Holcim Technology Ltd, Holcim Group Services Ltd, and the project management office of the Holcim Leadership Journey.

Alain Bourguignon, previously Area Manager in charge of Canada, UK, and the USA and member of Senior Management of Holcim Ltd, was seconded to the joint Divestment Committee that was established by Holcim and Lafarge in the context of their planned merger.

As a consequence, Roland Köhler, member of the Holcim Executive Committee in charge of Continental Europe, also took over responsibility for the UK. Andreas Leu, member of the Holcim Executive Committee in charge of Latin America, also assumed responsibility for the USA and Canada.

All these nominations became effective October 1, 2014.

Board of Directors

Status as at January 14, 2015.

Wolfgang Reitzle

Chairman of the Governance & Strategy Committee

Beat Hess

Deputy Chairman

Alexander Gut

Chairman of the Audit Committee

Adrian Loader

Chairman of the Nomination & Compensation Committee

Jürg Oleas

Thomas Schmidheiny

Hanne Birgitte Breinbjerg Sørensen

Dieter Spälti

Anne Wade


Secretary of the Board of Directors

Peter Doerr

Executive Committee

Bernard Fontana

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Aebischer

Chief Financial Officer

Urs Bleisch

Holcim Technology, Holcim Group Services, Holcim Leadership Journey

Roland Köhler


Andreas Leu


Bernard Terver

South Asia and Africa Middle East

Ian Thackwray

East Asia Pacific and Trading

Area Management

Horia Adrian

Daniel Bach

Alain Bourguignon

Dominique Drouet

Urs Fankhauser

Kaspar E.A. Wenger



Ernst & Young AG


Management Structure

See organizational chart



See also Corporate Governance

In addition, Onne van der Weijde, Area Manager for India until April 25, 2014 and member of Holcim Senior Management, left Holcim effective June 1, 2014. Member of the Holcim Executive Committee Bernard Terver, responsible for the Indian subcontinent, subsequently took over direct responsibility for the country.

Dominique Drouet, CEO of Holcim Morocco, was appointed Area Manager for Africa Middle East effective January 1, 2015. He assumed this responsibility in addition to his local role. Javier de Benito, previously Area Manager for Africa Middle East, decided to leave Holcim to take up a new challenge outside the Group.

Jacques Bourgon has decided to pursue other challenges outside the Group and left the Group at the end of 2014.